• GRACO Engineering Limited delivers projects of the most exacting standards, as scheduled, within budget, observing all applicable health, safety, and environmental regulations to the satisfaction of our clients and all stakeholders.

Repair & Maintenance of  Switchgear 

Repair & Maintenance of 11kV Air Insulated- & Oil Insulated Switchgear (Tertiary Building Complex, September 2021)

Engineering Support & Configuration

Engineering Support & Configuration of Mennekes 125A Interlocked DUO Receptacles with Load Break Switch and associated Plugs for Mining application. (Gold Mine in Guinea)

Design, Assembling and Configuration

Design, Assembling, and Configuration of 2 x 3200A ACB Incomer Circuits, 1 x 3200A Bus-Coupler with 24Nos. Outgoing MCCB Circuits Schneider Electric Switchboard (Cocoa Processing facility – Free Zone Enclave April 2021)

Design, Installation & Commissioning

Design, Installation & Commissioning of 415V Schneider Electric Switchboard with 2 x 2000A ACB Incomer Circuits, 1 x 2000A Bus-Coupler, 18Nos. Outgoing MCCB Circuits, 2Nos. of 315kVAr Power Factor Correction Equipment (Production facility for Agrochemicals September 2019)

Installation works for Motorised Lifting/Dropping

Installation works for Motorised Lifting/Dropping Lighting Fixtures, Power Points, Distribution Panels, Lightning Protection and Equipotential earthing (Brewery Production Facility, 2017)

Supply & Installation of Mennekes AMAXX Combination Receptacles with 2 x 63A 5P, 3 x 32A 5P, 4 x 16A 3P and 4 x 16A Schuko Outlets with 63A RCB Incomer Circuit breaker (Oil & Gas Services Company March 2019)

Design, Installation & Configuration of Motorized Operation of 11kV SF6 Insulated Schneider Electric Extensible Switchgear (Sheanut Processing Facility, August 2019)

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